CEOs Greetings

Since the company was established in 1991, Seoyoung has been successfully providing consulting services for key infrastructure projects on highways, transportation, geotechnical, tunnels, bridges, railways, urban planning, land development, landscape architecture, environment, water resources, and harbors. Seoyoung’s excellent group of professional and creative engineers are determined to meet the demands of every client’s needs. We have created an exemplary work environment that promotes technical excellence while maintaining the highest quality of service. Ceaseless dedication and commitment has made us into a thriving company, who has opened a foundation for our brilliant future.

In keeping up with the market trends, we provide futuristic eco-friendly consulting services. Our interest to develop new overseas business and technologies makes us a competitive company internationally.

We are highly proud of our company’s history and continuous excellence. We believe that we are a global leader in providing the ultimate service for client satisfaction in civil engineering works. Our mind and mission stands firm; to create a better future for our world and next generations by using the expertise, creativity, and technology we possess to pave the future into a new era.

CEO Kim, jongheun