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Welfare system

Welfare system
Support for
company life
Self-development Establishment of in-house lectures on foreign languages
Operation of support / awarding system Awarding of long-term employees (presentation of citation and commemorative medal)
Awarding of exemplary staffs every year (presentation of citation and prizes)
Awards such as monthly praise relay, etc. (presentation of gift voucher)
Operation of employee association Congratulatory and consolatory events of the staffs, interest clubs, support for voluntary services and loans for staffs
Subsidize cost of transportation Subsidize cost of transportation for overnight and holiday duties
Congratulation for the birthdays of staffs Provide birthday cake for the staff
Support for
family life
Educational expenses for children Support for the educational expenses for children in kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, and university students
Personal retirement pension savings Support for the personal retirement pension savings of the staffs and executives who worked for more than 1 year
Congratulatory and consolatory events of the staffs Provide financial support / flowers and off days for various congratulatory and consolatory events of the staff In the event of the occurrence of a funeral, provision of support for the goods needed.
Souvenirs Presentation of gifts at New Year’s Day and Thanks Giving
Support for
healthy life
Subscription to group insurance Subscription to medical insurance for the staff and executives in preparations for the unexpected accidents and diseases
Sports competition /
mountain climbing in autumn
Yearly sports day in venue to enhance the marale of staff and to bring harmaony
Support for medical health check-up Support for the cost of medical check-up for staff and executives
Support for
leisure life
In-house clubs Support for activities and clubs to enhance relationships of staff through various hobbies.
(Currently, in-house clubs such as mountain climbing, tennis, in-line skating, table tennis, bowling,photography, fishing, marathon, soccer, aseball and literary clubs, etc. are in operation)
Vacation system Use of special vacation and annual vacation throughout the year
Use of condominiums Use of condominiums throughout the world all through the year