Core Project

Basic design of the Seongnam~Yeoju dual-track Subway

Basic design of the Seongnam~Yeoju dual-track Subway is a railroad construction project for the purposes of making preparations for the increase demands for transportation in accordance to the developments in the southeastern region of the Capital Region, inducing of dispersion of population of the urban centers in the Capital Region, and provision of transportation conveniences to the local residents of Gwangju, Icheon and Yeoju. The total length of Sector 6 is 8.5km including 2 stations, 3 bridges and tunnels.
After effects such as promotion of the local development, provision of transportation convenience for the local residents, securing of public transportation mode that generates low environment pollution, and the establishment of the linkage between the metropolitan railroad network and arterial railroad network are anticipated through this project.
Currently, construction of bridges, tunnels, earthworks and stations (Ssangdong and Gonjiam) that span over key rivers and farming lands are nearing completion with full completion of the project scheduled in 2016.
Project name: Basic design for the Sector 6 of the Seongnam~Yeoju dual-track Subway
Location: General regions of Chowol-eup ~Silchon-eup of Gwangju City, Gyeonggi-do
Area (length): 8,532m (earthworks: 1,655m, bridges: 4,385m, tunnels: 2,492m)
Duration of the project: Sep. 2004 ~ Nov. 2005
Client: Korea Rail Network Authority