Core Project

Incheon Bridge

Incheon Bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Korea and the 5th longest in the world with the main span of 800m, and was constructed to achieve the goal of the hub country for economy and establishment of composite logistics and transportation system of the economic free zone in Northeast Asia, and to execute the alternative route function for the New Airport Expressway in the event of emergency situations as well as to improve the accessibility to the Incheon International Airport from the southern regions of the Capital Region of Seoul.
We not only accumulated technological capabilities and know-how through the construction of the cable-stayed bridge, which is the longest span bridge in Korea and one of the longest in the world, and construction of the longest maritime bridge with the total length of 11.6km, but also managed to leave behind numerous historical footsteps including not only the technologies in cable supported bridges but also the format of the execution, design, construction, and maintenance of the project.
It is a project that was accomplished through foreign investments when Korea was confronted with nation-wide economic difficulties due to the IMF financial crisis, thereby technologically overcoming of the foreign currency crisis. The construction period was shortened substantially through the application of the FAST TRACK format for the project. Design was executed in the format of Limit State Design, which is applied in many of the advanced countries, with the application of the viscoplastic design of the grounds through the static load test of large diameter piles, protection works for collision with vessels, etc. for the first time in Korea.
In addition, it was possible to complete the maritime bridge with length of more than 10km within 5 years by manufacturing and installing the structures through automated manufacturing processes for the majority of the processes including the application of FSLM construction for the first time in Korea to shorten the construction period and to overcome the differences in the tides. This efforts resulted in the honor of being selected as one of the ’10 most amazing construction projects in the world’ by the [Construction News], a English newspaper specializing in the area of construction.
Overview of Project
Project name: Construction of Incheon Bridge
Location: General region of seashore boulevard of Yeongjongdo ~ General region of Songdo landfill
Area (length): 12.3Km
Duration of project: July 1, 2005~October 16, 2009
Client: Incheon Bridge Co., Ltd.