Core Project

Samcheok Manufacturing Plant

Post hoc environmental impact survey on the Samcheok Manufacturing Plant
In line with the continuous increase in the demands for the natural gas as the substitute fuel for petroleum due to the rapid increase in the international price of crude oil and the effect of Climate Change Convention, the Korean government established industrial complex for the construction of LNG manufacturing plant for securing the ability to supply natural gas to the region of Gangwon in accordance with the long-term natural gas supply and demand plans of the government.
Executed monitoring including the survey of the quality of environment and inspection of the status of the execution of the contents of agreement through post hoc environmental impact survey following the commencement of the actual construction of the Samcheok Manufacturing Plant.


Project name: Post hoc environmental impact survey service on Samcheok Manufacturing Plant
Location: General regions of Hosan-ri, Wondeok-eup, Samcheok City, Gangwon-do
Area (length): 987,107㎡
Duration of the project: April 6, 2011 ~ December 31, 2017
Client: Korea Gas Corporation