Core Project

Responsible supervision of the restoration works on Cheonggyecheon Creek

Cheonggyecheon Creek Restoration Project was a highly important historical work of Seoul with national attention at the beginning of the 21st century.
Through the restoration of the Cheonggyecheon Creek, Seoul was converted into environment-friendly and human-centered urban space. This project provided the opportunity for Seoul to lead the new paradigm in urban management in the 21st century and to renew the image of Seoul.
Along with the restoration of the cultural heritage site of Korea, Seoul was able to restore its 600 years of history and re-establish itself as a cultural city in which the tradition and modernity harmonize, thereby becoming a resting place and renowned tourist destination frequently visited by domestic and foreign tourists.
In addition, the project improved the surrounding environment and established new commercial zones, thereby inducing the advancement of Seoul as the hub city of Northeast Asia, international commercial city, and financial hub city.
The foremost experts in the Construction Project Management of Seoyoung were at the background of the successfully completed environmental restoration project.

Name of the task: Full responsibility supervision services for the restoration works on Cheonggyecheon Creek
Location: General regions of the entry point of Taepyeong-ro ~ Gwangjang Market in Jung-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City
Area (distance)
Restoration construction works for Cheonggyecheon Creek (Sector No. 1)
Urban type creek restoration with L=1.9km
Organization of sewage system with L=6.7km
Construction of 9 bridges with L=3.9km
Construction of road with L=2.0km
1 set of landscaping and removal of structures
Organization of the ravines in areas around the Cheonggyecheon Creek
Organization of the Cheonggyecheon Creek with L=2.3km / Organization Jungrangcheon Creek with L=2.7km
Construction of 1 bridge with L=94.88m
Improvement of drop sections at 3 locations and supplementation of revetment with length of 280m
1 set of landscaping
Duration of the project: June 16, 2003~October 31, 2005
Client: Seoul Metropolitan City Government