Urban Planning

  Cities in the modern era are confronted with a diverse range of urban issues including the increase in natural disasters due to climate changes, aggravation of the international competition between metropolises, lack of high quality employment opportunities in the knowledge-based society, aging of the residential and industrial estates, and lack of residences for low-income families arising from the worsening of the polarization in the household income classes.
Such urban problems can be resolved through the establishment of plans that forecasts and prepares for the changes in the future.


◆ Project Achievements

  • · 2022 : Services for the Wonju master plan of 2040
    Proposal for Minor Change of District Units Plan in Incheon Majeon District
    Survey Service for Food Industry Cluster Development Project
    Survey service for city development project for the construction of a migration complex in Yeondo Village(2nd)
    Services for city management planning (revocation of limited development district and city planning facilities: government building)
    Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Campus SD_01 Stage Industrial Complex Plan
    Station Influence Area(GAPYEONG·CHUNGPYEONG·SAMGCHEON) District-Unit Plan Renewal
    Services for Gapyeong-gun master Plan of 2030 Renewal and County Management plan of 2030 Renewal
    Services for the Incheon master plan of 2040
  • · 2021 : Feasibility Study on Korea-Russia Economic Cooperation Indurstrial Complex in Primorsky Krai, Russia
    Services for the Osan Master Plan of 2035
    Development and Detailed Plan for soje Development Project in Yeosu
    Change of Development Planning and Detailed Design for Sapa Development Project in Changwon
    Feasibility study on Dongchungju smart indurstrial complex
    Land use planning and Feasibility study on OO regional development project in Incheon
    Survey Service for the Mini Complex town housing site development in Goesan
    Survey Service for the Jinjeob2 public housing site development in Namyangju
  • · 2018 : District Plan for Binggrae Nonsan Factory
    Daegu National Industrial Complex Masterplan & Design
  • · 2017 : Chuncheon Hupyeong Industrial Complex Regeneration Planning & Design
    Incheon Cheongra IHP(Hi-Tech Complex) Masterplan & Design
    Jeju Ocean Marina City Business Plan
    Basic Conceptualization for Areas created by Conversion of Gyeongin Expressway into General Road
  • · 2016 : Incheon Wolmi District Unit Plan
    Daegu 3rd District Industrial Complex Regeneration Design
    Incheon Robotland Development Business Plan
    Daegu Sinseo Innovation City Development Masterplan & Design
  • · 2015 : Designation for New Towns in Kampala Metropolitan City (Uganda)
    Buyeo Urban Management Plan
    Yeosu Yulchon New Town Development Feasibility Study & Basic Plan
  • · 2015 : 2030 Incheon Metropolitan City Comprehensive Plan
  • · 2014 : Goyang Samsong New Town Development Masterplan & Design
    Pohang Fusion Technology Industrial Complex Masterplan & Design
    Ansan Siheung Smart Hub(National Industrial Complex) Masterplan
    Daegu Sinseo New Town Development Masterplan & Design
  • · 2013 : Ulsan Ujeong Innovation City Development Masterplan & Design
    Hwaseong Jangan Housing Site Development Masterplan & Design
    Administrative City District Unit Plan
    Qingdao (China) Yellow Sea Econmic Zone Master Plan
  • · 2012 : Jecheon Well-being Resort Town Masterplan & Design
    Xian (China) Urban Development Consulting Service
    South Sudan´s New Capital Devlepment Feasibility Study & Mapping
    2015 Nonsan Urban Management Plan
  • · 2011 : Designation for Gwangju Innopolis
    Tangjeong Display City 2 Industrial Complex Masterplan & Design
    Asan Onju District Development Feasibility Study & Masterplan
    Buyeo Urban Comprehensive & Management Plan
    Gyeongbuk Innovation City Masterplan & Design
  • · 2010 : Designation for Namyangju Housing Site Development
    Incheon Unbuk Leisure Complex Detailed Design
    Gunpo Industrial Zone Regeneration Study
    Pyeongtaek Oseong Industrial Complex Development Masterplan & Design
  • · 2009 : Gimpo Long-Term Comprehesive Plan
    Daedeok Innopolis Phase 2 Basic Conceptualization
    Seongnam Pangyo PF Business Special Planning Zone District Unit Plan
  • · 2008 : Cheonan 3rd District Industrial Complex District Unit Plan & Detailed Design
    Pohang Yeongil Bay 4th District Industrial Complex Masterplan & Design
    Asan Dunpo 3rd District Industrial Complex Masterplan & Design
    Incheon Songdo Yonsei University Campus Masterplan & Design