Factors that threaten the environment are continuously increasing at a rapid pace due to the land development, environmental climate changes, and pollutions. Therefore, countries over the world are putting efforts together to preserve the environment of our planet and to pursue sustainable growth through international agreements. Korea has joined and concurred with the international agreements and enactment or amendment of relevant law in alignment of aforementioned trends.
Moreover, Korea has been preparing the implementation of the relevant systems and the detailed execution plans for such systems, to display future progressive trends including the assessment of the economic value of environment and establishment of environmental governance in order to satisfy all of environmental issues, economic feasibility and sociability of development projects. In this regard, so as to protect the environment and sustainable development, environmental Impact assessment must be appropriately executed now and in the future.
Environmental Department of Seoyoung Engineering Co., Ltd. has been pursuing a singular path in a persistent way since 1995 and we are keeping the lead within the relevant industry by successfully executing ‘Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment(SEA)’, ‘Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)’ and ‘Post-Environmental Impact Assessment’ with technical experts possessing extensive knowledge and experiences. Keeping on the progress, our department will continue to implement all the capabilities we can do for the future generations. 

◆ Project Achievements

  • · 2023 : A post-environmental impact survey of the Busan southern port Handmade Ship (National Disaster Prevention Safety) Maintenance Project
    Environmental Impact Investigation after Hongdo Port South Breakwater Construction Project
  • · 2022 : Environmental Impact Assessment on Godeok Wastewater Treantment Plant Project
    Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of Busan R&D Special Zone Development Project
  • · 2021 : Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment on Construction of Gyeonggi Yangju Techno Valley(High-tech Industrial Complex)
    Environmental Impact Assessment on Bucheon Deajang Public Housing Project
    Post Environmental Impact Assessment on Construction of Yeongjong-Cheongna Connecting Road (Second Land Bridge)
    Environmental Impact Assessment on Uijeongbu Woojung Public Housing Project
    Environmental Impact Assessment on the Construction of Busan New Port West Container Port Transportation Facilities
    Environmental Impact Assessment on Namyangju Wangsuk Public Housing District Development Project
    Environmental Impact Assessment on Yeongcheon Geumho General Industrial Complex Development Project
  • · 2020 : Environmental Impact Assessment on Goyang Broadcasting Cultural Contents Calley City Development Project
    Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment on the 4th National Trade Port Basic Plan and Change Plan
  • · 2020 : Post-Environmental Impact Assessment on Raising the Bank of Dae-ah Reservoir and 4 other Districts
  • · 2019 : Environmental Impact Assessment on Western Inland PFI Project
    Environmental Impact Assessment on the Construction of Seongnam-Yeoju Double-track Railroad
    Environmental Impact Assessment on Yeoncheon BIX (Euntong Industrial Complex)
  • · 2018 : Environmental Impact Assessment on Supum Port Maintenance Project
    Post-Environmental Impact Assessment on Comprehensive Railway Test Track Construction
  • · 2017 : Environmental Impact Assessment on the Development of Euntong Industrial Complex(BIX) in Yeoncheon County Project
    Environmental Impact Assessment on the Development of Gyeongnam National Aerospace Industrial Complex Project in Jinju City and Sacheon City
  • · 2016 : Environmental Impact Assessment on the Development of the Industrial Complex Project (Geumho Waterpolis project)
    Post-Environmental Impact Assessment on Busan New Port Dredging Project
  • · 2015 : Post-Environmental Impact Assessment on the widening project of the Damyang-Seongsan section of the Highway No. 12
  • · 2014 : EIA of the national research center for endangered species construction project
  • · 2013 : EIA of Yeosu new northern port