Intellectual Property

Designation Number Title Developer Designated Date Expiration Date Validity
Construction 703 Reinforcement Mehtod of Steel/PHC Pile using Modular Unit with Bent-up Bar and Elasticity Sockets Seoyoung/Naekyung 2013-07-02 2018-07-01 Valid
Construction 698 Construction Method for Short Span Preflex Composite Bridge using Reinforced Element of Perforated Steel Plate Seoyoung/Isan 2013-06-12 2018-06-11 Valid
Construction 694 Concrete Crack Repair Method by Epoxy Injection using Air Exhaust Port and Mnitoring System Seoyoung/Y&K Tech 2013-05-06 2018-05-05 Valid
Construction 688 Hybrid Bridge supported by Semirigid Pile using Menagy Hinge Soeyoung/Naekyung/KCC 2013-01-31 2018-01-30 Valid
Construction 666 Multiplex Lanes Painting Method of 3 Paint Composition using Dedicated Painting Equipment Seoyoung/Muryang 2012-06-21 2017-06-20 Valid
Construction 656 Bi-directional, High Pressure Pile Load Test for Large-diameter Drilled Shaft Seoyoung/G-Tec/Sambu/Yong-Kyu Choi 2012-05-29 2017-05-28 Valid
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