How many interviews would I need to undergo? What types of interviews held?

Interview is held once for the assessment of the personality, major area of study and English proficiency (only for the new recruits).

The interview is held between multiple numbers of interviewer and of interviewee format. The interviewers are composed of executives in personnel management, planning and corresponding department as well as an English interviewer. 


How long does the interview last for in a group of interviewees?

3~4 interviewees are in a group and will take about 40 minutes for each group.

What are the most important issues you deal with during the interview?

In the personality interview, the organizational appropriateness, communication capabilities, leadership, adaptability, competency, etc. when employed are the major evaluation points.
Interview on the major area of study will be evaluated to check whether the applicant is equipped with necessary knowledge on the major area of study. Also, the projects that the applicant was in charge of as an engineer in an Interview conducted in English will be used to evaluate the personal qualities as well as aspects of the self-introductory essay, general communication English, and professional field related English.