BIM and Technology Convergence

  Building information modeling(BIM) is emerging technology trends in construction and engineering fields.
Seoyoung Engineering Co., Ltd. plays a leading role in civil BIM works including establishment of BIM masterplan and development of system for efficient design work.
We offer the latest technologies solving the problems associated with BIM project, establishing BIM workflow and manual, analyzing BIM application effect, and developing BIM technologies in terms of design works.
Seoyoung Engineering Co., Ltd. is able to provide client satisfaction with the best services based on the cutting edge technologies and technical know-how.


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◆ Project Achievements

  • · 2020 : BIM-based integrated platform development project for Rail infrastructure life cycle management
    Yangju Gwangseok District residential land development project survey design service
    Namyangju Wangsook 2 Public Housing District Basic Plan and Basic Design Service
    Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek P3-PJT BIM design
  • · 2019 : Construction BIM service for Saemangeum ~ Jeonju Expressway Construction (Section 6)
    Basic and Detailed Design of Daesan ~ Dangjin Expressway (Section 5)
  • · 2018 : Namyangju Jinjeop 2 Public Housing District Basic Plan and Basic Design Service
    Development of BIM-based technologies for integrated operation management of port facilities by life cycle
    Asan Display City 2 General Industrial Complex 9th Survey Design Service
    Basic and Detailed Design of Internal Ring Road (Wolgok IC) Structure Improvement
  • · 2017 : Construction and Upgrading of E-ring Road North/South Link BIM
    Consturction and preliminary BIM design of Ibjang-Jincheon roadway Construction
    BIM design of Samsung Electronics X2-PJT construcion in Xian, China
    BIM design of Samsung Electronics E-PJT construction in Hwasung
    Survey BIM design of Sacheon-Sunin public rental housing districts
    The research for technology efficiency through establishment of Intergrated Engineering Platform
    Outsoursing services of structure damage mapping visualizing method
  • · 2016 : Planning research of BIM introduction and activation in port field
    Construction BIM design of Anseong-Guri Construction work in Seoul~Sejong highway / Godeok Bridge
    Design change BIM of ventilating opening for 1st sector of Bujeon-Masan double track railway private infrastructure investment project
    Site development BIM design in Pyeongtaek, P-Project
  • · 2015 : Construction BIM of World Cup bridge(phase-2)
    Development of BIM based standard management technology for railway infrastructures
    Construction research of Ex-BIM standard design model (phase-2)
    BIM design of discharge culvert in Pyeongtaek, P-Project
    BIM for the bid of Qatar IDRIS-Package 3&4 sewage treatment equipment
  • · 2014 : Qatar LRDP(local roads & drainage programme) crossroad BIM
    System construction of electric power culvert 4D process controls in Pyeongtaek, P-Project
    Construction research of ex-BIM standard design model (phase-1)
    Suseo-Pyeongtaek 5th sector KTX station construction BIM design (phase-2)
    Construction BIM of World Cup bridge(phase-1)
    BIM for the bid of Qatar CP01-C1, C2 & C3 package
    3D simulations of underground roadway voids in Seokchon
    BIM of 4-line water supply culverts of DC2 industry complex in Asan
    BIM of steel arch of Namdaecheon bridge
  • · 2013 : Civil BIM of M-Project (phase-1) in China
    Construction BIM design of Suseo-Pyeongtaek KTX station in 5th sector (phase-1)
    Mongolia railway (South Gobi Ukhaa Khudag ~ Gashuun Sukhait) project
    Australia RoyHill project (Package 1, 2, 3, 4) BIM
  • · 2012 : Civil BIM of Hwaseong campus S3 project
    BIM for the bid of the double-track line for Dodam~Yeongcheon (sector-6)
  • · 2011 : BIM of sewage treatment facility construction in Jeongok marine industry complex (phase-1)