"Best engineering team for the design of comfortable, safe, and environment-friendly roads"

  Road network can be compared to the blood vessels in human body.

  National traffic network needs to be systematic and harmonious in order to achieve the growth of the nation, just as the circulation of blood in human body needs to be harmonious for the good health, Construction of comfortable and safe roads is extremely important for the balanced growth of the country and enhancement of the convenience of the people.

  The road planning & design team is pursuing the best design for the road construction in order for everyone to use them safely and comfortably, and Seoyoung is a top class in the area of road design in Korea.

  The road planning & design team of Seoyoung is equipped with experiences and performance in a diverse range of areas including feasibility study, preliminary design and detailed design as well as T/K, alternative design and private investment projects. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality works through professional and systematical executions with high level of responsibilities based on our professional and systematical we accumulated and ceaseless researches thus far.

  The road planning & design team of Seoyoung Engineering Co., Ltd. Shall reward our clients by producing the best performances through continuously challenging and pioneering ideas with foremost priority on the satisfaction of the clients.

◆ Project Achievements

  • · 2023 : Detailed Design Services for Duma~Noseong Local Road Construction
    Detailed Design Services for Gurye District-level Comprehensive Rehabilitation (Seosi 1 Bridge) Project
    Consulting Services for Detailed Design, Procurement Assistance and Construction Supervision of National Road No.2 and No. 22 Improvement Project, Cambodia
    Feasibility Study for Improvement and Widening of National Highway N-45, Section-Ⅱ(Akhagram-Dir), Pakistan
    Feasibility Study for Maasin Coastal Bypass Bridge Construction Project, the Philippines
    Marine Environmental Impact Survey on Maryang Port Maintenance Project
  • · 2022 : Preliminary Design Services for Underground Dongbu Expressway (Lot 4)
    Feasibility Study and Basic Plan for Functional Improvement of Gyeongbu Expressway
    Design Services for Youngdeok Sunrise Wind Power Plant
    Design Services for Youngdeok Hoji Town Wind Power Plant
    Feasibility Study for Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Kigali – Muhanga Road Project in Rwanda
  • · 2021 : Preliminary and Detailed Design Services for Access Road to Hinterland of Mokpo North Port
    Detailed Design Services for Improvement of Changwon Yanggok Intersection
    Detailed Design Services for Connecting Road to Southern Coast Jjokbit Neoul-gil from Goheung~Geoje
  • · 2020 : Detailed Design Services for West Inland Expressway Private Investment Project
    Preliminary and Detailed Design Services for Ipjang~Jincheon Road and 1 Other Road
    Preliminary and Detailed Design Services for Tourist Infrastructures of Iksan Mireuk Temple Site
    Feasibility Study for Green Siem Reap Urban Bypass Road Project in Cambodia
  • · 2019 : Feasibility Study for Climate-Resilient Rural Infrastructure Development Project in Cambodia
    Basic and Detailed design for the construction of the national road between Anheung and Bangnim-1 in Chungcheong Province
    Basic and Detailed Design for Construction of Sejong-Pocheon Expressway to be partially connected Sejong and Anseong City (1st Section)
  • · 2018 : Feasibility Study on the Escoma-Charazani Road Construction Project in Bolivia
    Basic and Detailed design for the construction of the national road between Dangjin and Seosan in Chungcheong Province
    Establishment on Road Improvement Plan around Seoul International District
  • · 2017 : Detailed Design for Construction of Expressway Connecting Saemanguem Area and City of Jeonju (2nd Section)
  • · 2017 : Design and Build(T/K) for Construction of 2nd Road Connecting North-South in Saemanguem Area
    Basic and Detailed Design for Construction of Seoul-Sejong Expressway to be partially connected An-Sung and Guri City (1st Section)
  • · 2016 : Pre-Feasibility Study on PPP Project for Undergrounding Dong-Bu Aterial Road
    Detaild Design for Construction of Bypass around An-dong City
    Technical Study on Mid-Long Term Master Plan for National Road
  • · 2015 : Detailed design services for Pohang~Yeongduk expressway(site no.3)
    Busan north port harbor road underpass construction project
    Preliminary and detailed design services for Godeok new international town road construction project
  • · 2014 : Preliminary design services for Saemangeu~Jeongju expressway construction project(site no.2)
    Detailed design services for Hanyang~Ulsan expressway construction project(site no. 4, 13)
    Preliminary and detailed design services for noise reduction facilities installation construction of Bundang~Suseo urban expressway
  • · 2013 : Feasibility study for Yeongjong~Ganghwa road construction
    Pre-feasibiligy Study for 2nd Seohaean expressway(Asan~Buyeo~Iksan) project
  • · 2012 : Detailed master plan for the underground road construction on Dongbu arterial road(section 2) in Seoul
    Feasibility study for the western corridor PPP(public private partnership) project
  • · 2011 : Feasibility study and preliminary design services for the Gwangju belt expressway construction project(site no.1)
    Detailed design services for arterialization and underpass construction of Gyeongin expressway
    Consulting services for detailed engineering designs, construction supervision and post construction supervision in the widening project of Gapan-san Fernanco-olongapo road in Philippine, phase II project(GSO-II)
  • · 2010 : Seokdong-Sosa road construction
    Research design services for Gimpo(Punggok~Woonyang) expressway construction project
    Preliminary and detailed design services for the highway construction from the multifunctional administrative city to the Jungang IC(section 1)
  • · 2008 : Alternative design services for the widening project of the Damyang-Seongsan section of the highway no.12
  • · 2007 : Design and tender construction services for Yeosu industrial complex access road(site no.3)
  • · 2006 : Alternative design services for Incheon bridge connecting road construction project (site no.1)
  • · 2005 : Detailed design services for Hanlim~Saengrim road construction