Landscape Architecture

  While landscape architecture aims to harmonize for nature, many of the people in the modern era are living in the midst of black asphalt and gray concrete buildings. Accordingly, it is important as giving a breath of life to the users by establishing spaces to ensure sufficient vitality in the cities by supplying green lives.
Landscape architecture is not simply the establishment of parts and nurturing greeneries. rather, it is aimed at the creation of unique spaces by planning and designing the land through connecting of liberal arts and scientific knowledge for the purpose of establishing environment in which people can live like people.
We strive to formulate spaces and sceneries with viewpoints that are somewhat different from those of general development projects where we strive to maximize the characteristic potentials of the subject land, to coevolve cities and nature, and to create venues to contain the life stories that have merged into them.
We have long been executing projects on ‘tourism landscaping and scenery for regions and district landscaping, parks and recreational sites through which visitors can experience and enjoy the leisure and rest in their daily lives.
On the basis of our aforementioned broad understanding, we create specialized green infrastructure through the work-community with differentiated theories and technologies necessary in establishment of environment for venues such as large scale recreational and tourism estates, development of national land and landscaping of the external aspects of buildings.
We pursue the most economical, effective and ecologically stabilized planning. In addition, we aim to achieve perfect designs through which aesthetically harmonious, unique, safe and meticulous spaces can be created. 

◆ Project Achievements

  • · 2018 : Improvement of Songpa junction and Landscape design for Pyeongtaek - West Pyeongtaek expansion section
    Godeok Internationalization Plan Development Project and Site Development Project (Stage 2) Landscape Construction - Prize Design Compettion, Winning
  • · 2017 : Changing the Plan of Mureung Valley Tourist Area
    Master plan for Mareuk Park in Gwangju Metropolitan City
  • · 2016 : Master plan of Urban Park for Yang-ji intersection and surrounding areas
    Detailed design services for Chungun-myeon project to revitalize rural centers
  • · 2015 : Master plan for Seolbong Millennium Park Development
    Waterside park construction project in Hwanggujichun, Suwon
  • · 2014 : Landscape restoration project of the Haenggungdong mural village in Suwon
    Buyeo historic park construction project
  • · 2013 : Incheon-si Saryeomdo amusement park construction project
  • · 2012 : Preliminary and detailed design services for landscape architecture of Gangwon Wonju innovation city development
    Preliminary and detailed design services for Maryeong-myeon Jinan-gun culture town
  • · 2011 : Preliminary and detailed design services for national street construction project
    Basic plan for afforestation of parks in Pocheon-si
  • · 2010 : Preliminary and detailed design services for the Jeonju-Wanju innovation city development in Jeolabuk-do
    Basic plan for Chuam Narasarang theme park
  • · 2009 : Preliminary and detailed design services for Buyeo streetscape improvement project
    Park & Green network basic plan in Gumi
  • · 2008 : Research service on establishing the cluster way in Gyeongbuk dream valley
  • · 2007 : Feasibility study and basic plan for Jisan forest resort
  • · 2006 : Detailed design services for Seoul Gangbyeon theme park