Port & Harbor

  Harbor in our era is being reborn as future-oriented core site that plays the leading role in the severe international logistics competition as the center of innovation of advanced information, technology, communication and environment. They transcend from the previous function of an infrastructural facility that simply processes the transportation of people and cargoes efficiently through the mooring of ships and loading/unloading works in the capacity of simple transportation facility.
Seoyoung Engineering, having begun with the New Busan Harbor in 1999 and continuing with the New Northern Harbor of Yeosu in 2014, have participated in the reorganization and development of wide range of harbors including international trading ports, coastal ports and local fishing ports of Korea. Moreover, through our participation in the projects for the development of harbor in overseas countries including Ghana, Uruguay, Saudi, Fiji, etc., we have proved that our harbor technology can also be applied and is competitive internationally.
Not stopping at such achievements, we are currently executing the private and public sector marina projects by utilizing the technological capabilities on marina facilities acquired through the successful completion of the marina projects such as Gimpo Marina. In addition, we have managed to create new harbor and maritime water spaces through ceaseless technology development including the inventing of patents with outstanding hydraulic innovations through our participation in large scale turn-key projects such as Busan new port, Ulsan new port, Hongdo port, etc.
Seoyoung Engineering, on the basis of the know-how and technological capabilities acquired through our abundant experiences in a wide range of harbor projects and the vision of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of “Realization of the dreams and happiness of people through the ocean,” shall continue to grow through endless research and development to ensure that the harbors will be reborn as the futuristic venue for the creation of highly added values.   

◆ Project Achievements

  • · 2017 : Feasibility study and masterplan for the Alexandria Greater Port development, the Arab Republic of Egypt
    Maintenance planning and basic design for the national fishing ports(Supum, Eoranjin, Samgilpo)
    Establishment of the master plan for the new designation of national fishing ports (DangMok, Ochun)
  • · 2016 : Preliminary and detailed design of Seohang district port waterfront area development
    Review for phase 3 development plan of the Donghae Port and basic investigation for seawall and east breakwater of the Donghae Port
    Basic plan of the Fiji port development project
    Preliminary and detailed design service for the dedicated floating pier construction of Korea Coast Guard in North Port of Mokpo
  • · 2015 : Preliminary and detailed design service for Pyeongtaek-Dangjin port inner port outer sea wall reinforcement
    Service for domestic fishing port for floating pier standard set up and management criteria establishment
    Detailed design service for Yeosu new north port
    Detailed design service for Daebyun port outer sea wall redevelopment
    Detailed design service for Mokpo new port access sea route dredging
    Bang-a Meori sea beach seashore redevelopment
  • · 2014 : Preliminary and detailed design services for northern breakwater construction of Donghae port
    Preliminary and detailed design services on access course for sand wharf of Pyeongtak Dangjin port
    Detailed design services for dredging works of Busan new port (2nd phase)
  • · 2014 : Improvement plan and detailed design services for Gwangam port
  • · 2013 : Detailed design services for substructure facility of Ulsan new harbor northern port, oil hub of east-north Asia
    Detailed design for extension and enforcement of eastern breakwater of Yonggipo harbor
    Basic survey for counter facility and preliminary design services for berthing facility of Yeosu new northern port
    Construction TK and direct cost design services for Incheon port international passenger wharf(stage 2)
    Improvement project and working design services for Chuksan harbor
    Working design services for Tando dredged soil dumping arena
    Basic planning & feasibility study services for port development in Uruguay
  • · 2012 : The project management consultancy for the establishment of master plan for urban transport system in Great Accra, Ghana
    Feasibility study service for port renewal project of Gwangyang port
    Basic planning for improvement of Masan west port
    Selection and feasibility study services for national management coastal port
    Dike construction project for Songdo dredged soil arena of Busan new port
  • · 2011 : Preliminary and detailed design services for Mokpo new port coal terminal
    Preliminary design services for Ulsan new port northern breakwater (lot 3) construction project (T/K)
    Preliminary and detailed design services for hinterland of Gimpo marina berthing facilities of Gyeongin Ara water way