Railway department of Seoyoung has achieved outstanding growth by participating in the entire railway project including private/turnkey/technical proposal for more than 20 years since it started to participate in the turn-key project for the dual-track Gyeongchun Railroad Line in 1999. Our company maintains the highest level of sales per person over the last 3 years. Railway department, a late entrant in the industry, succeeded in sighing the turn-key projects in a competitive design market through accumulated experiences by value engineering.
Not stopping at the achievements of the past, the railway department continually participates in the national R&D project including the infrastructural research for the improvement of the speed of the rapid transit railroad. PRT research services and improvement of the speed of the existing lines through the inputting of tilting railway trains enhance the technologies to lead the future national railroad projects. In addition, we have made contributions towards the building up of the national railroad network by executing several preliminary feasibility studies.
Railway department has been providing various services including feasibility study, basic plan, basic and execution designs for the railroad construction projects in Korea and overseas that encompasses rapid transit railroad, general railroad, metropolitan railroad, urban railroad and light rail transit, etc. Moreover, we are promoting the advanced railroad construction technology of Korea through the operation of railroad technology school in Paraguay in South
America and expanding it to other countries such as Mongolia, and putting in efforts in social participation through technology transfer to developing countries.
We participated in urban railroad construction projects including the Subway routes 7 and 9 in Seoul, Subway routes 1 and 2 in Incheon, Subway route 3 in Daegu, Hanam line, Gimpo city railroad and Jinjeop line, etc. Also in numerous arterial line railroad projects such as Jungang line, Gyeongchoon line, Janghang line and Gyengjeon line, etc. were planned and designed by Seoyoung. 

◆ Project Achievements

  • · 2019 : Feasibility study for Railway modernization project of Egypt Luxor~High Dam
    Pre-feasibility study for Extension of Line 6 and Transfer of Sinnae Train Depot
    Preliminary and detailed design for Cheongna International City Extension of Seoul metropolitan railway Line 7(section 3)
    Feasibility study and Preliminary plan for Incoming railway of Seongmun National Industrial Complex
  • · 2018 : Detailed design service for the private investment project of East North LRT(Wang Sib Ri~Sanggye)
    Preliminary design service for the private investment project of Great Train Express Line A
  • · 2017 : Pre-feasibility and feasibility study on LRT Line in Western Sri Lanka
    Detailed design for Gwangju Metro Line 2 Phase 1
    Pre-feasibility study for Railway Line capacity expansion
    Detailed design for Jungbu-Naeryuk line Icheon~Munkyeong railway roadbed construction lot 9
  • · 2016 : Detailed Design Service for Shinlim LRT Private Investment Project
    Myanmar Mandalay ~ Myitkyina Railway Rehabilitation and Modernization Feasibility Study
  • · 2015 : Feasibility study and preliminary design services for Great Train Express
    Preliminary and detailed design services for sector 5 of the dual-track subway of Hanam line (Sangil~Geomdansan)
    Pre-feasibility study of Paraguay Encarnacion LRT(light rail transit)
    Preliminary and detailed design services(T/K) for sector 4 of the dual-track subway of Hanam line (Sangil~Geomdansan)
    Basic design review, preliminary study & analysis and detailed design for Ukhaa Khudag~Gashuun Sukhait railway project
    Feasibility study and preliminary design services for Cheonan~Cheongju airport
    Preliminary and detailed design services for Dodam~Yeongcheon double track railway lot 3 & 5 of the central line
  • · 2014 : Detailed design services for east sea line(Wonnam~Jukbyeon, Yeonghae~Hupo) railway trackbed construction project
    Preliminary design services for the Jinjeob line(Danggogae~Jinjeob) lot 3 double tack railway construction project(T/K)
  • · 2014 : Preliminary and detailed design services for the Busan subway(Sasang~Hadan line) lot 5 construction project(T/K)
    Trackbed preliminary design for the Poseong~Pyeongtaek railway lot 2 construction project
    Feasibility study for Paraguay Encarnacion~ Artigas railway construction project
  • · 2013 : Preliminary and detailed design services for Gimpo subway lot 3 trackbed construction project
    Dual-track railway design for the Bujeon~Masan BTL project
    Feasibility study for Paraguay railroad construction project(railway across South America)
  • · 2012 : Preliminary and detailed design services for Ulsan new port lead-In railroad trackbed
    Preliminary and detailed design services for Hongseong~Songsan double track railway construction (lot 10) of west sea line
  • · 2011 : Preliminary and detailed designs for railway relocation of submerged districts around the Yeongju dam
    Tender design for Delhi MRT’s project of phase-Ⅲ
    Trackbed detailed design for inlet rail to Gunjang national industrial complex section 1
  • · 2010 : Trackbed alternative designs for sections 1 and 2 of the Honam High Speed Railway (HSR) 1-2
    Preliminary and detailed design for Seoul Metro Line 9(section 919) – T/K
  • · 2009 : Preliminary and detailed design for Incheon subway line 2(section 213)-T/K
  • · 2008 : Trackbed preliminary design for the Honam HSR section 6
  • · 2007 : Detailed design for Daegu urban railway section 3-3
    Double-tracking project of the Jeolla railway line(BTL)
  • · 2006 : Detailed design services for Bujo~Pohang railway construction of east sea line
  • · 2005 : Basic design for the sector 6 of the Seongnam~Yeoju dual-track subway
  • · 2004 : Detailed design service for the private investment project of Yongin light rail transit (LRT)

◆ Key Projects

Preliminary and detailed design sevice(T/K) for Sector 4 of the dual-track subway of Hanam Line (Sangil~Geomdansan)

This project is to connect the existing the Seoul Subway Line 5 by building the new subway line to meet the demands of new housing development districts and to build the wide transport infra structure in eco-friendly Hanam city.

This project with a total length of 1.303km is composed of 1 subway station, 2 main ventilator and a tunnel (1.1km).

The project includes the subway station that should be a symbolic location due to its proximity to the Hanam City hall.

Especially, the project should minimize operating and construction costs in that the project is expected to endure operational deficit.

To improve the narrow sidewalk conditions of the old city, we completed ground expansion design works successfully through the comprehensive review of the development plans and road conditions changes.

The subway station is planned to be constructed as the longest span(22m) no pillar underground structural systems for the very first time in Korea. The duplex shops around the square with open space as a large circular square of height 7.2m for increased profitability

And, the linear design for the vertical alignment using the concept of Positive Hump is implemented to minimize subway station depth and improve the accessibility of the passengers as well as minimizing the construction and operating costs through the annual 30,000kWh saving of operating energy reduction.

This construction started work by completing detailed design in July 2015 and the subway line is expected to be opened in 2020. 


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