Bridge & Structure

  Along with the best and optimal designing of various infrastructural structures, we are acting as a leading in the areas of the designing of long-span bridges on the basis of the accumulated design experience and know-how for various special bridges, in particular the Gwangan bridge, Yeongjong bridge and Incheon bridge, which all can be represented as an axis of the history of bridge construction in Korea.
Seoyoung has technological capabilities for super long-span bridge constructions based on exhaustive preparations for the adoption of advanced designing technique, ceaseless technology development and the best design capabilities in Korea.  

◆ Project Achievements

  • · 2017 : Construction engineering works of E-RING Road North/South Link
    Design and Build(T/K) for Construction of Woongcheon-Soho in Yeosu
  • · 2016 : Construction engineering works of Riyadh Metro Project
    Alternative design services for the connecting project of the Hajo-Nabae island in Jindo
  • · 2015 : Detail design services for overbirdge at Samsung electronics site
    Basic design services for Mi-ho-chun 2 bridge on multifunctional administrative city
    Detailed design and construction engineering services for Saudi Arabia Riyadh Metro
    Preliminary and detailed design services for Godeok new international town road detail design (Jin-we-chun bridge)
  • · 2014 : Detailed design services for Hamyang~Ulsan expressway construction project(site no. 4, Sa-Chun bridge)
    Detailed design for connecting upper space of Sujeong tunnel, Busan
    Preliminary and detailed design services between Dujuk~Soya island bridge
  • · 2013 : Detail design services for bridges on multifunctional administrative city site no. 1-1
    Feasibility study for Yeongjong~Ganghwa road construction(Pyong hwa bridge)
    Detail design services about the improvements of capacity for Jang An bridge
  • · 2012 : Test bed design and examples based on Korean highway bridge design code(limit state design)
  • · 2012 : Detail design services for bridges on Hwasung~Dongtan site
    Detailed design services for Dodam~Yeongcheon railway lot 1 of the central line
  • · 2011 : Multifunctional administrative city~Daedeok techno valley road(lot 2) construction(Gujeuk bridge, cable-stayed bridge)
  • · 2009 : Preliminary design services for Aphae~Amtae(lot 2) road construction(1111 bridge, cable-stayed bridge)
    Detailed design services for Jeokseong~Jeongok road construction (Dongyi 1 bridge, cable-stayed bridge)
    Detailed design services for Goyeong~Hadong IC2 national highway construction (the 2nd Namhae bridge, suspension bridge)
    Detailed design services for Saryang bridge (cable-stayed bridge)
    Detailed design services for green art pedestrian bridge (silk bridge)
  • · 2008 : Preliminary design services for Honam high-speed railway(lot 1-1) construction T/K (Osong overpass, PCT girder bridge)
  • · 2007 : Preliminary design services for the 1st Geum river bridge in multifunctional administrative city(extradosed bridge)
  • · 2006 : Detailed design services for Hanlim~Saengrim road construction (Hwapo bridge, cable-stayed bridge)
    Yeosu industrial complex access road construction project (T/K) (Nambit bridge, suspension bridge)
    Preliminary and design services for Dubai Palm Jebel Ali entry bridge and connection bridge
  • · 2004 : Preliminary and design services for Incheon 2nd bridge construction bridge(Incheon bridge, cable-stayed bridge)
  • · 2002 : Detail design services for the widening and paving project of Gunoe~Namchang(Wando bridge, cable-stayed bridge)

◆ Key Projects

Alternatives Design Contract For Hallim-Saenglim Road Construction Project

Hwa-Po Bridge

Hwa-Po Bridge is planned to be constructed on Hwa-Po wetland area.
This is the first asymmetric concrete cable stayed bridge adapted to concrete edge girder in the Republic of Korea, consisting two pylon with different heights and main span of 260m.
This bridge type is an original bridge type, reducing environment risk in the construction and enhancing stability under wind, seismic loads.
Country : Republic of Korea
Client   : Gyeongsangnam-do Office / Samsung C&T
Fee of Services : \6,509,140,000
Contract Period : 2005
Data Summary :
Bridge Type : Asymmetric Concrete cable stayed bridge
Length : 520m
Main Span : 260m
Width : 24m
Contents of Works : Design stage : ∙Structural analysis
                                              ∙Detail Design
                                              ∙Checking of Construction Method
                                              ∙Construction Cost Estimation
                                              ∙Environmental Investigation

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